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    The college of physics of Jilin University has a predecessor as the Department of Physics of Northeast People’s University. During the divisional adjustment in 1952, the administration department of the nation invited a number of famous physicists from Tsinghua University, Perking University and some other high-level universities. Some of the notables were Yu Ruihuang, Zhu Guangya, Wu Shishu, Gou Qingquan and Huo Bingquan. They established the department of physics in the University. In 1958 the Northeast People’s University changed its name to Jilin University. Along with the development of the field, new departments and institutes were established based on physics and other disciplines. They include: the department of semiconductor (the former of the college of electronic science & engineering after the consolidation), the department of computer science (the former of college of computer science and technology after the consolidation), the institute of atomic and molecular physics, the state key laboratory of superhard materials, the department of material science (the former of the college of material science and engineering after the consolidation) and the experimental center of testing science. In June 2001, all the departments and centers for physics in former Jilin University, Jilin University of Technology, Norman BethuneUniversity of Medical Science, Changchun University of Science and Technology and Changchun Institute of Posts and Telecommunications consolidated into the college of physics of Jilin University nowadays.

    The college consists of the department of condensed matter physics, department of applied physics, department of acoustics and microwave, department of optical information science and technology, nuclear science and technology center, theoretical physics research center, biophysics and complex system research center, physics experimental training center, public physics teaching center, physics application and development center, Sino-Russia joint laboratory.

    The college houses a center for post-doctoral studies of physics. The discipline of condensed matter physics is a state key major, which together with optoelectronics and optics are accredited as the state key disciplines under the "211 program". The physics discipline is a state-level base for the development of research and educational talents in fundamental natural sciences, and an accredited conferrer of doctor's degrees in grade one subjects. In addition, the majors of optics engineering, electromagnetic field and microwave technology, and measurement technology and instrument have the authority to confer master's degrees.  

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